We (Marianne and Lars H. Bols) established Bols Forstplanteskole in 1989. Both of us were studying at the time and we found the forestry industry exciting and challenging. Our wish was to supply top-quality products with the right provenances and species.

In 1989 we travelled to Georgia, where we bought 8 tons Nordmann fir seeds. At that time, Georgia was part of the USSR, and it was a long, tough battle to gain permission to buy the seeds and have them shipped to Denmark – everything had, of course, to go through Moscow.

But we were moved by the generosity and warmth shown to us by the Georgian farmers. Even though they were poor, they invited us in – and many of them remain close friends of ours. They were also one of the main reasons why we continue to collect seeds from Georgia. Another reason is that the Nordmann fir seeds obtainable in Georgia are the best in the world. Today, seeds are a key product to us, although Bols Forstplanteskole has also expanded to the point where we have an even bigger plant catalogue and can offer total solutions.

After qualifying many years ago, we have, via our work and participation in international trade conferences sought to gain solid experience and knowledge that can benefit our customers. Furthermore, Bols Forstplanteskole also now has many more products to offer. Today we can offer a comprehensive selection of plants for all branches of the green sector. Consultancy is a natural part of our service, and we are more than willing to draw up total solutions – our speciality is delivering qualified advice from harvesting to shelf.

Our more recent initiatives include our organic products and our fair-trade products. You can find more information about our work with fair-trade at www.fairtrees.dk. We are looking forward to many more exciting years with beautiful plants, new initiatives and even more satisfied customers.