Prices: The nursery is independent of price-fixing associations. Ask for an offer. The offer was made assuming a successful culture, a happy return of purchased consignments and force majeure. The amount of damages cannot exceed the invoice price.

Plant samples: Samples sent after mutual agreement without a following order are charged at normal purchase rate, i.e. the plants are invoiced at recommended prices excl. freight. Bare-root plants are sent at min. 250 pcs.

Delivery: Freight is calculated at cost price.

Payment: Net cash. For amounts not settled by time of payment, there is an interest charge of 2% per month. The plants remain the property of the seller until paid for.

Reservations: Every order is binding when we have sent a written order confirmation, though with the proviso for successful cultivation, planned arrival of purchased plants and force majeure.

Reclamation: Eventual reclamations must be made immediately after receiving the goods. Compensation/Price reduction cannot exceed the price on the invoice.

Growth: We take no responsibility for growth, since weather conditions, cultivation conditions and handling are of crucial importance.

Venue: Eventual disputes are to be decided by the Court in Horsens.

Packaging: We use paper sacks and cardboard boxes, which are charged at cost price.

Product liability The seller is not liable for damage to or loss of real and personal property etc. caused by supplied plants or seeds after these have been taken charge of by the buyer. Nor is the seller in any instance liable for trading loss, time loss, lost earnings, crop failure or other financial consequence loss, unless the buyer can document that the seller has acted with gross negligence. Should the seller be presented with demands from a third party, the buyer shall immediately take over the case as his own and indemnify the seller in every respect.