Fair Trees is deeply socially anchored in the local community in Ambrolaurii

Posted at 1. July 2014

IMG_3954 IMG_3953Founder of the Fair Trees concept Marianne Bols and a delegation of Danish and German Fair Trees producers demonstrated their commitment to social responsibility in the first week of June through an impressive donation programme:
Computers were given to three Fair Trees scholarship students, a Fair Trees scholarship was awarded to a male candidate, and all the teachers at two of the local schools in the region were given computers and teaching materials.

Once again this year, Fair Trees ensured that the local population had access to medical and dental care. More than 500 children were examined and issued with toothbrushes and toothpaste.
“It is a source of great personal joy to give something back to the local community, which for many years has ensured that we can produce high quality seeds, plants and Christmas trees.

Fair Trade makes a difference and at Fair Trees we maintain, a socially responsible approach where action speaks louder than words, right out to the individual cone picker and the surrounding community,” says Marianne Bols.

With the financial support of Fair Trees, the child of a cone picker is now recovering from surgery.

“I met many local people again this year who thanked me for what we are doing in the area.
Of course this is only possible because responsible producers and consumers support the Fair Trade concept, and I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to them.”